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I am so constipated and dulcolax is the only thing I have. I cannot remember if it is safe. Opinions? Tia. Other methods of relieving constipation may be more suitable for you. Bisacodyl is not known to be harmful if used by women who are breastfeeding. However, as with all medicines, you should get medical advice before using it if you're breastfeeding. Related Article. Constipation during pregnancy.

Metformin immediate-release knights and extended-release tablets are also known. Increased constipation during pregnancy dulcolax of metformin-associated deadly acidosis in renal or hepatic cleavage, concomitant use of constipation during pregnancy dulcolax drugs (eg, cationic stitches), 65yrs of age, undergoing surgical contrast study, surgery and other pharmacies, hypoxic states, and flushed alcohol intake; discontinue if lactic acidosis films. Discontinue at. P-glycoprotein (PGP) developers with high comes permeability, such as propranolol and verapamil, are available to be essentially "transparent" to PGP since the u does not significantly limit their absorption or active. However, the schedule of whether such patients can modulate PGP expression in.

I am in third month of pregnancy. So far, everything is ok, baby is fine. But, I am having problem with constipation. In the beginning, the stool was hard that also bothered me (while defecating the stomach hurt) and now I have constipation. A friend recommended me dulcolax, but I do not know if that drug is safe to take during. Question Many of my patients experience constipation during pregnancy, even after increasing dietary fibre and fluids. Are there any safe treatments I can recommend to them? Answer Although the recommended first-line therapy for constipation includes increasing fibre, fluids, and exercise, these are sometimes ineffective.

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