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We all know the two of the best and only treatments - finasteride & rogaine. But we all wash our hair. So what's the best shampoo ever? Revita - Regenepure vs Nizoral?? It depends of how you respond to it. Its equivalent to around 2% minoxidil so you can see if you get results on it by itself or if you need to add something else. Disclaimer - I am not a physician or an expert and my advice should not be considered medical/expert advice. - If you follow my  Shampoo T-Gel and Nizoral Im new at this.

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I have been using Tricomin Shampoo for about 2 years (in conjunction with propecia, Minox 5%, and Xandrox 12% lotion). While I am pleased with my results, I. The Ultimate Guide to Hair Loss Prevention -

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