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I did several treatments with permethrin & ivermectin, the last ivermectin last Sunday, and a few new red bumps have popped up last night & today. Just for Even if there is a reinfestation - it would probably be wise to let the skin heal up before using more of that nasty permethrin. I'm curious to try the borax  difference between permethrin itching and mite itching. Well I've probably been over Tuesday/ Wed I took Ivermectrin with permethrin Wed eve as well. On Sat morning I took more ivemectrin (my boyfriend visiting after 8 weeks of treating so wanted to be extra sure) I'm getting red bumps, they don't really itch. I caught this very early because I.

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I've been using neem daily and (I feel) like I have successfully gotten rid of any live scabies or eggs. (After two weeks of treatment). I itch a lot less. The red, itchy bumps that occur as part of the scabies infection are primarily the body's inflammatory reaction to the eggs and feces of the mite that are left deposited under the skin. This is why the bumps and the itchiness may still continue for a while after using a medication like Permethrin, which kills off the living mites but.

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