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Because of the risk of infection, an antibiotic will be prescribed (making this an HSG with Doxycycline). This exam is generally scheduled on approximately cycle day of a day cycle: after your period stops, but before your anticipated ovulation. We recommend that you have a serum (blood) pregnancy test either at. hi,i am also in ttc now i underwent ssg test,slightly different from hsg where they use saline instead of dye..i took pain killers 2 hrs before the actual procedure,it really worked out it was little painful but its good test to know the patency They asked me to have dulcolax tablet the previous night before hsg.

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Hey ladies, i should have my HSG next week and just wondering whats the best painkiller i can take beforehand? thanks xx. Hysterosalphigography (HSG) test does not need any kind of anesthesia. Even local, spinal or general anesthesia is not necessary. Only injection atropine is given intramuscularly. It acts as pre medication to relieve anxiety. It will also help to relieve spasm of the Fallopian tubes. Post procedure antibiotics and analgesics.

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