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Patient information for FLUOXETINE 60MG CAPSULES Including dosage instructions and possible side effects. instance tranylcypromine). Do not take any irreversible, non-selective MAOIs for at least 5 weeks after you stop taking fluoxetine. If fluoxetine has been prescribed for a long period and/or at a high dose. This offer is good only with a valid prescription for fluoxetine 60 mg. Where third-party reimbursement covers a portion of your prescription, this offer is valid only if your out-of-pocket expense for each prescription exceeds $ A maximum savings benefit of up to $ for.

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Read the Medication Guide that comes with fluoxetine before you start taking it and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This Medication Guide does not take the place of talking to your healthcare provider about your medical condition or treatment. Talk with your healthcare provider if there is something. Edgemont Pharmaceuticals announced that fluoxetine 60mg tablets are now available. The 60mg tablet is scored to allow for convenient half-tablet dosing (30mg). This strength and formulation of fluoxetine is only available generically. Currently, fluoxetine is marketed under the brand name Prozac (Lilly).

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Last night I staffed maybe one hour. Before going on Paxil CR I was worst on Xanax 2 mg to doe prozac come in 60 mg. What are the possible side effects of Paroxetine. Common Side Effects. Esteem, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, increased energy; Feeling nervous, restless, fatigued, sleepy or microbicide trouble sleeping (insomnia). These will often cause over the first female or two as you speak to take the medication.