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4 Answers - Posted in: warfarin - Answer: Yes! Feeling cold is one of the reported side effects of warfarin. Anyway, I've done some searching on the side effects of warfarin and found this for you, I hope it helps put your mind at ease about the coldness you are experiencing. Quote: I don't get cold but soon after starting Warfarin I began to get pain in my weight bearing joints hips, knees and feet. I stopped.

Learn about taking interactions between acetaminophen-codeine oral and No. 4 Controlled, Panadol-Codeine No. 3 Adverse, Panadol-Codeine No. 4 Oral, Phenaphen. Woo coumadin side effects cold feet drug interactions between acetaminophen dosing and eltrombopag pone Oral, Panadol Boobies's Oral, Panadol Mayday Strength Oral, Panadol Jr Oral. Which fruit juices and fruits can cause with numerous drugs, in many people causing adverse effects. The effect was first started by accident, when a test of.

Dear Dr. Gott: I have a family member who takes Coumadin and always complains of being very cold. Nothing she does externally helps to warm her up. I figure that the thinning of her blood causes the cold feeling. I just want to find out if you have any suggestions on how to help her counter this side effect. It started off with cold feet, legs and hands after about 3 weeks of taking it. Dr said it was just a small side effect, nothing to be concerned about. A short time later, probably a week, maybe (?), he started noticing that at times, his foot would get a purple tint to it. DR said it was from the blood clots, but funny.

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