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Bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol will soon have a new warning on their caps: "Contains acetaminophen. Updated AM ET, Fri August 30, The bright red lettering is an effort by Tylenol's parent company, Johnson & Johnson, to reduce the number of accidental acetaminophen overdoses that occur each year. Several hundred people in the U.S. will die in from liver failure after acetaminophen overdose. Tylenol isn't addictive like narcotics, and the kids don't In this study, Randles's team gave people either two extra-strength Tylenol or a placebo. They then primed them by asking half to write about.

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This undated product image provided by Johnson&Johnson shows a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol bearing a new warning label on the cap alerting 30, WASHINGTON— Bottles of Tylenol sold in the U.S., but not Canada, will soon bear red warnings alerting users to the potentially fatal risks of. 09/24/ am ET Updated Sep 24, In other words, the difference between a safe dose and a dangerous one could be just two tablets of Extra Strength Tylenol. In contrast, one would need to take Earlier this year, it announced that it will soon add red lettering to the bottle caps of Extra Strength Tylenol.

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