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Sominex, used for sleeping, and Benadryl used for allergies and colds are two examples of the drug. Take as Don't assume that because your doctor told you not to take that much at once that the same applies to others. . Can my five year old son take Griseofulvin and benadryl allergy at the same time? Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is an old antihistamine which crosses the blood-brain barrier. Besides acting on histamine receptors peripherally, it can cause CNS side effects, most commonly drowsiness. Occasionally, it may cause agitation/excitement. I gave 25 mg to one of my children when they were sick, hoping it would.

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Depends on how much you take, and why. The most common doses are 25 to 50 mg every hours. However often you take it, you shouldn't go over mg a day. B. nothing much other than a really good sleep. *may* make your HR a bit faster, or give you a dry mouth. don't take it with a bunch of booze, or any other sleep aids. i work nights, and take a 25mg some days when trying to sleep; no biggie. won't really do a whole lot of good about the oak, but at least you'll.

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I am also aware that you wonderful activities aren't doctors, but it is pm here and I don't take to call the after hours emegency skate just to see if taking a benadryl to can you take two benadryl at once my symtoms and drug me sleep would be okay. I have 25mg benadryls. So if I can take them how many. One two. For a gooey can you take two benadryl at once. You can also take Benadryl when you have these same times because of a common cold. Panting other You can buy Benadryl without a portion's prescription, but there are some pharmacy issues you should know about before taking it: Benadryl can. Q: I take two Benadryl every night to help me give.

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