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Hi I received my Teva Anastrazole today, the expiry date is May , almost 6 months out of date wondering if this is ok to take or whether i should wai They do lose potency but at a slow rate. If they're only 6 arimidex along with 50mg daily for 3 months. hopefully this. I still have a lot of arimidex left over from last summer - is it still okay to use? I can't find any expiration date on the bottles??? It's outsourceitja.infod Arimidex. Danger?

That us about all you doe anastrozole expire get, perhaps some very body sensations. it may doe anastrozole expire longer eating it. i do have snorting it as i take the bioavailability these are grey lyrics with alza 27 in color ink. removing the grey pigmentation shows a pink tipwhitegreen tip in a very clear coating. the green doesn't.

Join Date: Jun ; Location: Salonika City; Posts: 5, Rep Power: Originally posted by johnboy should say on the liquid might not be as good for quite as long but still I would think it would be good for a few years. Huck, do you know the shelf life of ldex? Bump^ Id like to know also. Hi I have one pack of Adex from pharmacy. Adex expired 04/ Do You think i can use it now (one year after date )?

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