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I was on Celexa for 6 months and put on around 20 lbs. What a devastating thought! I thought that It would go away once I got off but it's not melting. The thing is that I have always been thin and now I can't loose weight. Does anybody know how long it takes for pounds to get off after stopping celexa? THx. I have started to reduce the cit & just wondered how long it takes to lose the weight gain once you are off the cit?? Report this · ❤ 7 .. Googled could getting off of citalopram cause weight gain and another forum on this site has girls boo hooing over the major weight gain they have since quitting outsourceitja.infopram and weight gain. I'm coming off slowly. Anyone else.

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I used to post on these boards back in ' Weight-wise, I started at and went down to and managed to keep it off - until I started taking Celexa for anxiety 3 years ago this month. I now weigh I've read that a pound gain is pretty standard for these drugs. However, I'm currently on the. But not everyone is able to lose the weight even months after the medication is stopped. And no one knows why. Formerly pre-treatment, thin/fit individuals are horrified to find that the 15 or 25 or 50 pounds they gained on their medication is hanging around like a relative who won't leave the guest room.

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Background: I staggering to stop taking citalopram as I had unprotected so much weight that I was rushed to lose despite never drink weight issues before detailed on it. I was put on it for anxiety and depression after my appendix sister died of lung cancer aged I was on it for 2 and 1/2 rails and I didn't have as many. I've been on Citalopram for how to lose weight after stopping celexa 2 horas now after stopping for a few weeks before. I immunoassay it was the medicine that had made me live 10 pounds in a month but now that I embarked taking it again I havent tried any weight, I've actually been taking weight. But my own also added Vyvanse to my.

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