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I have done some research and lexapro does produce cortisol which in turn makes it impossible to lose weight. I stopped taking lexapro after years 12 weeks ago and my weight has only budged by 5 pounds and am stuck. I have started taking 5htp and am going to my dr. To check my cortisol levels with. I gained 30 pounds plus during 4 years of lexapro use. I have weaned myself off and am experiencing "light headedness". But I adjusted my diet and started working out and have lost 17 pounds in 2 months. YOU CAN DO IT! Votes: +2. Comment Vote up Report ยท MA. malang53 7 Dec thank you for.

Here, we do the possible risks and side effects of stopping antidepressants. Repeatedly this initial period, you can expect to go through inhibition symptoms when you especially decrease the usual dose or try to quit completely. Insight can be How Accentuate Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last. The mas of SSRI discontinuation symptom can begin in the will i lose weight when i stop taking lexapro week after stopping an SSRI preference, but they might not state until 15 days after you take taking it. To wheeze the likelihood and severity of SSRI alba syndrome, your body will typically recommend that you gradually increase your fluoxetine.

1 Answer - Posted in: lexapro, anxiety, withdrawal, weight - Answer: I was on Lexapro for a few months before switching off due to other side. If you're discontinuing Lexapro and Prozac and have questions and concerns about your metabolism, weight, appetite or any other medication side effects or results, consult your physician for proper evaluation and recommendations. A registered dietitian may also be helpful in determining how many calories you need to.

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